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Reviber Zen Physio Deep Tissue Massager with Infrared

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  • As seen on the Gadget Show
  • 5 Year Guarantee and 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 2 speed settings.
  • 2 sets of interchangeable heads. 

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  • Professional Massager

    Unrivalled Affordable Massage

    The Reviber Zen Physio deep-tissue massager is designed to give an unrivalled, affordable massage. Its speed and depth of movement create a deep, soothing massage. It’s the professional's choice and ideal for use in the home or clinic.

    It releases muscular tension with a steady, comfortable, pulsed acu-pressure. This massage technique penetrates even the tightest muscles.


    Deep Tissue Massager

    Just hold the Physio on your muscles and let the percussive massage action sooth your aches and pains. Unlike other massagers, you don't need to push it down. As the massager provides all the necessary force. Most of the energy is transferred through the massage heads, so you get no kick back through the handle. And with the massager placed on the muscles, there's little weight to hold in the hand.

    The power of the Physio transfers to the muscles through soft rubber massage heads, unlike the hard plastic heads on inferior massagers. The Physio is supplied with two sets of massage heads. One set for massaging larger muscle groups, such as the legs. Another set for massaging smaller, more specific areas, such as the neck.

    Recommended by Professionals

    Physiotherapists, Sports Injury Therapists and Massage Therapists use the Zen Physio as part of their treatments. They can massage the muscles deeper than by hands alone, and at a fraction of the physical effort.

    And it's easy to use on yourself. For massaging your neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs, buttocks and soles of your feet. Helping you to relax, helping you to ease those aches & pains.

    Comfortable and Easy to use

    The Zen Physio doesn't need massage oils, (although you can use non-alcohol based massage oils). You can use it on bare skin or over clothing. It needs no maintenance and comes with a 2 year guarantee. Just plug it into a wall socket... the 3 metre long power cord means you can get a great massage on the sofa or on your bed.


    • Neck & Shoulders (trapezius and deltoid muscles)
    • Upper & Centre of Back (rhomboids and latissimus dorsi muscles)
    • Lower Back and Buttocks (erector spinae and gluteus muscles)
    • Thighs (quadriceps, abductors and hamstrings)
    • Calves (soleus and gastrocnemius muscles)
    • Arms (biceps, triceps & forearm muscles)
    • Soles of Feet

    The hand-held massager for people who want an effective massage. Please place your Zen Physio order and expect excellent service at all times.

    Product Specifications

    • Weight is 1.2 kgs (1.6kgs boxed)
    • Speed 3400 - 6000rpm, ideal for deep tissue massage
    • Power cord length is 3 metres.
    • Dimensions are L38cm x W13.5cm x H14.5cm.
    • Voltage is 220v - 240v
    • 20W

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