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Reviber Plus Oscillating Vibration Plate Exerciser

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  • 5 Year Guarantee and 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Oscillating vibration plate with 12mm amplitude.
  • Ideal for use in your home, apartment or studio.
  • Manufactured with solid steel base.
  • Free remote control, exercise poster and 5mm resistance bands.

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  • Regular Exercise

    Accelerated workout

    Regular exercise results in lower body fat, stronger muscles, and increased metabolism. And much more.

    Legs, buttocks, and core muscles exercised in response to the movement of the platform. 18,000 times in a typical ten minute exercise session. Using the resistance bands to complete a fantastic workout.


    Achieving your goals

    With Reviber

    If you don't exercise at the moment, you need something easy to get going with. That's the Reviber Plus. And if you already exercise, try the Reviber Plus to supercharge your results. Even if you're the fittest person your know.

    The Reviber Plus is a positive lifestyle choice for people wanting to get fit and stay fit.

    It's easy, just clip-on the resistance bands. Then, at the press of a button, you will have started your first Reviber Plus workout.

    What the Papers Say

    Independent On Sunday:
    Awarded it 5 out of 5 stars, saying that it not only delivers 'impressive results', but that it is also 'easy to use and is excellent value for money.'

    Sunday Mirror Celebs On Sunday:
    'Even standing still is a good workout....great for arms and abs too and in a few weeks I could definitely notice a difference.'

    Wedding Planner:
    'You will definitely feel you are working out from the very beginning and, after a couple of weeks, you will start feeling the results.'

    Whisper Quiet

    Experience in Design

    Our impressive, efficient motor ensures low power consumption and reliability. It's so good that we give the motor a 5 year guarantee. And the transmission mechanism between motor and platform is whisper quiet. Watch the television or listen to music during your workout! And with over 20,000 sold, it's tried & tested too.

    Optional Extras

    7mm Resistance Bands
    A pair of 5mm-wide resistance bands are included with the Reviber Plus for free. The 7mm optional extra pair are thicker and are the equivalent of a slightly heavier dumbbell and are suitable for both women and men. It is important to have the right pair of resistance bands as using them will burn more calories, strengthen the muscles, and provide a cardio workout when used repeatedly. Ordering the bands at a later date will cost an additional £3.50 for post and packing.

    Product Specifications

    • New Pendant Remote Control allows the remote to hang from the neck, leaving the hands free to use the resistance bands.
    • Amplitude: 0 - 12mm
    • Oscillating Motion. Also known as pivotal or side-alternating motion.
    • 200kg/31.5 stone weight capacity
    • Adjustable auto-programme
    • Dimensions: Boxed 69 x 58.5 x 28 (L x W x H)
    • Unboxed 61.5 x 51.5 x 21cm(h)
    • Platform 49.5cm across with a depth of 31cm.
    • Weight: Boxed 19.2kg, Unboxed 16.5kg
    • Power Output: 500W

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