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Reviber Fusion Oscillating Vibration Plate Exerciser

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  • The NEW version of the Reviber Plus Oscillating Vibration Plate.
  • 5 YEAR GUARANTEE and 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Oscillating vibration with 14mm amplitude.
  • Reduce body fat, tone muscles and strengthen your core.
  • Ideal for use in your home, apartment or studio.
  • Manufactured with solid steel base.
  • Free Workout DVD and online access.
  • Free Workout poster
  • Free No.1 Cardio Resistance Bands.
  • Free Abdominal Workout Bands.
  • Free Workout Cushioning Block.
  • Free Remote control.

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  • Get in shape fast with the Reviber Fusion.

    The Reviber Fusion is a powerful, compact and portable vibration plate, and comes with a fantastic workout programme.


    Designed to give you the best results.

    As well as great compact design, it is designed to get you fitter and stronger, faster. Whether you're a casual exerciser or prefer a more intense regular workout, using a Reviber Fusion will be enjoyable, challenging and rewarding.

    Tone, Strengthen & Lose Weight

    Follow the instructors to help you tone, strengthen and lose weight.

    Suitable for beginners and advanced users, Fusion Pilates uses three different proven fitness styles as one full body workout.


    Reviber Fusion Pilates in an industry first, and unlike any other fitness workout that you'll come across.

    It's a fusion of Whole Body Vibration training, Pilates and a gym based workout.

    Exercising your arms, legs, arms and back, it is the complete full body workout. Also improving posture and increasing flexibility.

    DVD and online video access included.

    Premium quality accessories.

    When we designed the Reviber Fusion, we also designed new accessories to help power your workout.

    Each accessory is designed to give you correct technique and posture.

    Your adjustable resistance bands

    The resistance bands are premium grade dipped latex, ensuring they are flexible and durable. They are length adjustable making them perfect for users of all heights.

    Your abdominal workout resistance bands

    The abdominal bands for the seated exercises ensure controlled use of both your abdominals and your arm muscles. This aids your stability and allows you to engage the correct muscle groups for the seated exercises.

    Manufactured to our precise specifications, all our bands are inch perfect.

    The Block

    To maximise your abdominal sculpting workout.

    The block is manufactured from high density foam and is designed to aid comfort when performing press ups and to help improve your technique on the seated abdominal exercises. It raises your pelvis and allows you to dis-engage your hip flexors when performing the seated exercises. This ensures you engage your abdominal muscles correctly, making the exercises more effective.

    Industry Leading Technology

    The effectiveness of oscillating vibration plates is dependent on the amount the platform moves. This is the maximum distance the platform oscillates - it's amplitude. The Reviber Fusion has an industry leading 14mm amplitude.

    Resistance band fixing points

    These are precisely positioned, (to the millimetre), giving you the correct technique and posture. Ensuring better results using less effort. Get fitter, faster.

    Run-Quiet Motor

    Five year guarantee as standard. As a leading British designer of vibration plates, we take great care to source the most efficient motors and transmission mechanisms. Ensuring high mechanical performance and low power consumption.

    Product Specifications

    • Weight: 14.5 kg
    • Size: 620 x 420 x 172 mm
    • Platform Size: 530 x 304 mm
    • Amplitude: 14 mm
    • Motor Size: 500w
    • Maximum user weight: 200kgs

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