Reviber Chi Bodywave Pro Passive Exercise Machine

Reviber Chi Bodywave Pro Passive Exercise Machine

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  • If you have a disc that is currently prolapsed then please check with your consultant before purchasing this product.
  • 2 Year Parts and labour Guarantee
  • FREE DELIVERY and 60 Day Money Back Guarantee 
  • A unique form of therapeutic continuous passive exercise.
  • Relieve back pain, muscle tension and stress.
  • Reduces discomfort and improves posture.  
  • For home and professional use.
  • Read an osteopaths blog about the product  

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  • The Bodywave Solution

    The Problem: Day-to-day activities take a toll on our posture, our backs, and our well being. Lots of everyday tasks can create inappropriate muscle tensions. Including driving and sitting at a desk. Leaving us slouching, with back pain, and with an array of other physical impairments.

    The Solution is the Reviber Bodywave – as recommended by osteopaths and physiotherapists.

    Easy to Use

    The beauty of the Bodywave is its simplicity. Ideal to use in the comfort of your own home. Just lie down and rest your ankles on the Bodywave. Select the length of time on the handset, and enjoy the harmonic massage of the Reviber Bodywave.


    Harmonic Technique

    The soothing wave movement is similar to the movement produced by the harmonic techniques of osteopaths.

    For the relaxation of muscle tension. Reducing discomfort and improving posture.


    Therapists use the Bodywave in their treatments and recommend that patients also have one at home.

    Osteopath and Fellow of The Royal Society of Medicine takes an in-depth look at the Bodywave here on our blog.

    Wonderfully Relaxing

    A wonderful way to relax, particularly an hour before bedtime to help you sleep.

    After exercise or a long day at work. As a back care treatment from a physiotherapist. Or just to unwind and relax at home, the effects of the Bodywave can help you to enjoy a better quality of life.

    Assisting Inactive People

    If you are incapable of leading an active life, the Bodywave can also help to stimulate the body. Such as stimulating lymphatic circulation that usually comes from everyday activity.

    What the Papers Say

    The predecessor to the Bodywave featured in the Evening Standard newspaper, the Daily Mail You magazine, Sunday Mail. The Bodywave is even better!

    Please place your order and expect excellent service at all times. Get ready to enjoy the Reviber Bodywave – delivery is fast and free.

    Bodywave PRO

    The Bodywave Pro is requested by osteopaths and physiotherapists to fine-tune their treatments.

    Unlike the single-speed Bodywave, (no longer available to purchase), the Bodywave Pro has 20 speeds to choose from. It inherits all the features from the standard model. Including the foam-padded ankle cradle, the digital timer, and the 20 second gradual start and slow down features.

    The single speed of the regular Bodywave is speed 14 on the Bodywave Pro. So the Bodywave Pro has 6 faster speeds and 13 slower speeds than the standard model. People with back pain, mobility problems and the elderly may prefer the slower speeds.

    Super-Soft Cover

    Option for £7.99

    The Bodywave has a soft, foam ankle cradle as standard, but we offer the luxury of an super-soft cover that slides over the top. Please click the super-soft cover option above the Add to Basket button to add this to your order.

    Product Specifications

    • 20 seconds gradual warm up feature
    • NEW FEATURE - 20 seconds gradual slow down feature
    • Speed: 135 oscillations per minute
    • Heavy Duty DC motor
    • Weight: Boxed 7kg, Unboxed 6kg
    • Material: High Impact Resistant A.B.S
    • Power Consumption: 0.3amp 50W
    • Voltage/Frequency: 220 - 240 Volts/50hz
    • Boxed 25(l) x 41.5(w) x 35cm(h)
    • Unboxed 30.5(l) x 36.6(w) x 25.4cm(h)

    The Reviber Bodywave PRO's specifications are the same as those of the single speed machine but with the addition of variable speeds. There are 20 speed increments within a range of 90 to 150 oscillations per minute.

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