The making of the making of the Reviber 6 Week Challenge!


To make sure that the exercises that I’ve filmed Marlene delivering can be followed easily, I’ve been working out to the video to make sure it all works!

I’ve been running the programme through my phone, on a laptop computer and TV to see how it translates while being followed on the Fusion.

So I’m back in the warehouse getting in everyone's way again!

And believe me, it’s not easy getting a selfie stood on a toning plate!

But apart from my selfie game suffering from the vibrations, it’s all working brilliantly!

We’re really looking forward to getting our Fusion owners started on the 6 Week Challenge! 

Making the Six Week Challenge

At long last, filming has begun of the Reviber 6 Week Challenge. Our fitness expert Marlene developed this programme of exercises on the Reviber Fusion Toning Plate that progress from the Reviber Pilates workout film and grow into a much more intense gym based workout. She’s tested it on a group of people in Liverpool [...]

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​Are We Sitting Too Much?

Sitting down is a great way to take the weight off your feet. But too many of us sit all day at work and drive home (sat down). When we're home we sit down in front of a TV, games console or computer all evening. You have to wonder; do we sit down too much? Does this affect [...]

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The Reviber Hot & Cold Massager -More than just a percussion massager

The Reviber Hot & Cold MassagerMore than just a percussion massagerPerhaps as this blog is uploaded, we’ll have our new product listed with Argos. But as we speak, it is currently only available on our website The Gremlins are up to their mischief and the listings are not showing themselves as we’d like [...]

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Reviber Vibrating Foam Roller has lift off!

Reviber Vibrating Foam Roller has lift off!We’re finally at the point where our Vibrating Foam Roller has been tested, packaged and delivered into our suppliers. We’re very proud to say that is now on sale and can be bought through Reviber Vibrating Foam Roller @ArgosWe’re only selling it through Argos for the first two weeks. [...]

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The Reviber solution to cellulite

This weeks blog is written by one of our fitness consultants, Sinead, who is our Pilates instructor with over 25 years experience.  Sinead has developed our products and the fitness programmes from her wealth of experience as head of Pilates at central school of ballet, triyoga, Pilates Off The Square and James D'Silva studio's. Often customers [...]

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​The Final Piece of The Puzzle…

This week at Reviber we have received the printed exercise posters and instruction manuals for our soon to be launched Vibrating Foam Roller.All we have to do is pack each poster and manual into each boxed Roller and they’re finally going to be good to go. So if you need me, I’ll be somewhere in [...]

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How using a Reviber Toning Plate helped me to do push ups

Spoiler alert! I can do push ups now, lots of themMy name is Patch and I’m part of the team at Reviber. At Reviber we sell fitness and therapy equipment designed to fit in and assist your busy life. Recently I began to reacquaint myself with the products we supply as a way showcase some [...]

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Understanding The Reviber Vibrating Foam Roller

Here at Reviber we’re really excited to be gearing up towards launching a new product.We’ve been working on our own vibrating foam roller for a while now. We’ve worked long and hard at the quality of the roller and its vibrating functions. We’ve developed a sequence of exercises you can do on it, made a [...]

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A BUSY SUMMER AT REVIBERDespite the revolving door of key players going on holiday over the summer, we’ve found ourselves in a very busy period.We are delighted to say that we are within touching distance of launching two new products. Eagle eyed readers may have spotted reference to one of the new products in previous [...]

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